1 Mini Black Smartphone Bean Bag

1 Mini Black Smartphone Bean Bag
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1 Mini Black Smartphone Bean Bag

Mini Black Smartphone Bean Bag

Color: Black
size: 103x125x85(H)mm
cover: Suede fabric (polyester 100%)
filling: Polystyrene beads
origin: Korea

Smartphone Beanbags
This is what you are looking for!
Beanbag with compact size and design, why not your phone sits on the bean bag like you sit on the bean bag for relaxing time!
This is for your smartphone, the most valuable item.

Put it to seat not lie
Your smartphone looking up the sealing on the desk!
Wearing of protection film and covering with case is not enough yet.
Now you can make eye contact with your smartphone.
You don’t’ need to find the phone covered with books or drop the phone being hit carelessly.
Prepare a place only for the smartphone.

Free angle
Smartphone Beanbag with complete different concept from general cell phone holder.
Unlike metal holder, it is adjusted with free angle required.
You can check the message with one hand and enjoy videos with your arms folded.

It is OK for Samsung Galaxy Note3
Of course you can use it for Galaxy Note3.
It will be OK if they are not bigger than your smartphone.
Enjoy from smartphone to every mobile device.

Replaceable filling
You can replace the filling by opening the zipper on the bottom of the product. If the filling of Styrofoam grains is pushed hard or gets pressure, its volume reduces.
You can meet another feeling, if you use it by replacing the filling with small grains like rice or beans according to your preference.

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