Awning CANOFIX Outdoor Sun Shade Window Shelter PC1270

Awning CANOFIX Outdoor Sun Shade Window Shelter PC1270
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Awning CANOFIX Outdoor Sun Shade Window Shelter PC1270

Awning Outdoor Window Shelter Sun Shade Canopy Patio Cover
*** Free gift (High-end pliers) for those who send us the photo of installed Canofix of your own ***

- 100% Brand New
- High quality
- CANOFIX is a durable and light weight polycarbonate awning for your windows, enterance doors and any industrial and publilc facilities.
- CANOFIX is engineered to resist impact and severe weather conditions, CANOFIX polycarbonate sheet will protect your properties from icicles, hailstones, heavyrain and snow. Brackets are also made of polycarbonate, and its durable and high impact resistance properties will provide your awning system stronger and hold up longer on the wall.
- CANOFIX system can be installed up to 30m length with single polycarbonate sheet, this provides no leak and rigid construction between all over the brackets.

Features :

- There is rain gutters, there is no worry about rainy season, heavy rains, heavy snow.
- It is possible to relieve the uncomfortable cam caused by the falls.
- Eco-friendly product that can recycle rainwater.
- It is possible to apply to connection path, separation giant, bicycle storage.
- CATOPICS is light and durable.

Specifications :

- Material: Polycarbonate
- Color : Brown
- Available size & Price :

1,100 x 1,220 mm : $445
1,500 x 1,220 mm : $499
2,000 x 1,220 mm : $675
2,500 x 1,220 mm : $739
3,000 x 1,220 mm : $805
3,500 x 1,220 mm : $979
4,000 x 1,220 mm : $1049
4.0 ~ 30.0 m : ask us

- Canofix Connection Assembly Drawing :

- Package Included : Front fixing bar, Real fixing bar, PC bracket, Polycarbonate sheet, Support bar, Gasket edge cover, Anchor bolt, Hex bolts

CF 3884

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