Child Night Star Light Ball Lamp Projector

Child Night Star Light Ball Lamp Projector
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Child Night Star Light Ball Lamp Projector

***StarLight Ball Lamp***

This listing for PINK COLOUR

Please do not turn this on all night,
it also makes small noise as it provides moving starry sky.
To get a longer service life of the lamp, please don't use batteries and USB power at the same time.

Weight: 233 g
Product Dimensions: 8.5 * 8.5 * 10cm
Material: ABS
Packing specification: 65 * 33 * 66.5cm

Latest listing of Rotary Dream luminous arc lamp with a top cover of star patterns.
Dream night light / fantasy projection rotary, connect the USB power supply can also be loaded 4 batteries (not included)
Instructions for use:
1, according to the positive and negative in the right direction into 4 rose 7 battery and battery cover;
2, press the "ON" switch to run rotation, projection, light, not when the first press "OFF" button and then remove the battery;
3, the product can use the USB power input.
Suitable in a dark room (the darker the better projection effects) Best Projection distance: 1.5 m -2 meters
Contains small parts not suitable for children under 14 years of age and use, adult children take car

Delivery or Pick up from Wairau Valley
Customer parkings are available

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