BB GUNS Glock36 Custom

BB GUNS Glock36 Custom
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BB GUNS Glock36 Custom

Glock36 Custom

Made in Korea

Name: Glock 36Custom Size: 150mm* 110mm *30mm (1:1)

Magazine: Up to 80 Pellets or Bullets

Hop-Up StylePellets / Bullet Size: 6mm only

Material: High Grade Plastic Frame with Strong SpringsShooting

Orange tip - if you want in black, please use color spray or paint

Range: measured up to 35m

Safety Lock

Excellent value and suitable for any brand of soft air pistol or rifle.

Please Check my other list for air guns.

*Note: ONLY for 18+ Or 16+ buy with firearms licences holder.
*We need to sight proof that you are 18 years or older; ie either a copy of your driver's licence, passport or birth certificate(send by email or post).
*Sorry Credit Card cannot accept as an age proof*
*It must never be carried or used in a public place*
* We do not take responsibility of misuse and modification to the BB gun.
* Do not shoot at Animals.
*Seller WILL NOT BE liable for any injuries, death or lost of property caused by this item directly or indirectly. Limited warranty but no refunds*
*Get reduced freight costs when you combine auctions*(ASK)
*Pickup is available at North Shore*

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