1 Monster Showerhead 2C Wall Type

1 Monster Showerhead 2C Wall Type
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1 Monster Showerhead 2C Wall Type

Monster Showerhead 2C Wall Type - Save your water bill and power bill
WELS water consume rate 3star(MAX) 6 litre per minutes. its amazing.
100% Brand New
Color: Chrome
Shower allowable pressure : Max 10kgf/cm²
Model : Monster Showerhead 2C Wall Type
Quantity: Shower head 1pc
Material: Plastic (ABS),Silicon,Ner,PP,Sus plate

Recently attended
2013 Northshore,Waitakere,Rotorua,Wellington Home and Garden Show
2014 Northshore,Waitakere Home and Garden Show
2014 South Auckland Home Show
2014 ASB Showground Home Exhibition.

youtube link (water saving clip) (compare with normal and monster spray) (3 spray settings) (good morning show TVNZ1) (feedback video)

1. Fits to my existing shower?
Yes, if you have got the flexi hose then It's all standard universal fitting, don’t need to buy extra fitting for your handheld type.
2. Do I need to call the plumber?
Not unless you want to pay him. All you have to do is unscrew the shower head out anti-clockwise way and put it away then simply screw them on.
3. Works on Low and Mains pressure?
Yes as long as you have any pumps that pushes the water out from your water tank it will work.
4. I have gravity tank will it work?
This is the only case it may not work unless your water tank is on the top of the hill (About 5th floor high)
5. I have Cold main pressure but Hot low pressure (unequal pressure) will it work?
All the house has different pressure and pump so we can't guarantee that you will get the same result as low or mains pressure so that’s why we give you 7 days money back guarantee to try it out.
If it works then keep using it or if it’s not up to your standard simply send it back for the refund.
6. The limes and carbons will block the holes, what do we do about it?
You can simply open the faceplate and give it a good cleaning with your old toothbrush and simply put it back on. Good as new again.
No more hassle for put the showerhead in the baking soda or white vinegar overnight to remove them.
7. I have Wall mounted type shower head(not on the hose) do you have those?
Yes we do, our wall mounted monster showerhead has female type on the head. So after removing your original showerhead anti-clockwise way and see whats the thread looks like.
If that’s male type then simply screw in. If the wall has female type then needs male to male adaptor which you can get it from Bunnings warehouse or Placemaker or from us:)


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