Aroma Shower Filter

Aroma Shower Filter
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Aroma Shower Filter

Aroma Shower Filter_Black Cherry Musk

- 100% Brand New
- High quality
- This all-in-one filter provides you most romantic and nourishing shower experience.
1. Neutralising Chroline residual
2. Nourishing hair and skin​
3. Mild scrubbing effect
3. Zero skin irritation reaction
4. Fundamental moisturiser
5. Zero harmful substances
6. Enhance effects of your hair and skin products

- Ingredients: Vitamin C, Snail slime, milk powder, micro filter
- Usage: 7,200L (2-3 months)
- Expiry: 6 month after unpack
- Direction: simply connects in between shower head parts, faucet or shower arm. No plumber is needed.
- Caution: high water temperature above 50'C will affect life of the filter. Water saving shower head will extend the life.
- Replacement check: replacement indicator is located on filter body.

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