Kitchen Faucet Hand Type

Kitchen Faucet Hand Type
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Kitchen Faucet Hand Type

*** Kitchen Faucet Hand Type ***
Increase Water Pressure for better rinsing while saving water!!!

1. Get suitable pressure of washing. - Our new technology of head plate gives at least 2.4kgf/cm3. ( Maximum 4 Times Stronger )
2. Saved Money & Water (Approx.40% - 50% Water Saving)
3. Negative Ion Emission; Well being (483000 ions/cc)
4. Easy to clean - you can wash the filter every time
5. Easy to install - takes only 2min
5. Better Rinsing
6. Energy Conservation
7. Give 1 year warranty

The heart and clover shaped line holes with one side inner-faced make "soft and strong" sprays and the world's patent technology combining multiple streams of sprays contributes to increased cleaning effect and saving water by 30%- 50%

Lenard effect is created by the maximized smashing of water particles while passing through the holes of the spray plate processed by the patent technology. Approx 50 times of the negative ions (483000 ions/cc). Found near a waterfall are emitted.

At least 2.5 times of strong water pressure increase !!!
Fine holes help maintain at least 2.4kgf/cm2 of water pressure even in a low water pressure and the sprays passing through the entire plate realize an effective cleaning with the minimum water consumed.

Types: Kitchen Hand Type
Materials: PC-ABC
Hear Resistance: 80 C
Anti - Freezing: -20 C
Manufactured in: Made in Korea
Warranty: 1 year


Watch Testimonial from New Zealand Customers Lab testing water pressure and saving for micro slow camera version for changing head and testing. see the wind.

*** We also have another type of kitchen head (Fixed one) and Shower heads ( hand Type or fixed ) so please check our list !!!!!
If you also change your shower head, more water saves give you money save forever ***

*** Welcom Hotel, Motel, Hair Shop, Cafe, Sauna, Swiming facilities inquiry ***

Catchers (exclusive seller in NZ)
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