Ready Q - Hangover Drink 1 bottle (100ml)

Ready Q - Hangover Drink 1 bottle (100ml)
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Ready Q - Hangover Drink 1 bottle (100ml)

Ready Q - Hangover curing Drink 1 bottle (100ml)

Contains 50mg of Curcumin and 116mg of Theracurmin
Drink Before or After drinking alcohol

- Type: Fruit and Vegetable
- Total content: 100 ml
- Nutritional facts: 1 serving per bottle(100ml) includes Values shown in () show the percentage of standard daily intake.
- Calories: 58 Kcal, Carbohydrates 14 g(4%), Sugars 11g, Proteins 0 g(0%), Lipids 0 g(0%), Saturated fat 0 g(0%), trans fat 0 g, cholesterol 0 mg(0%), sodium 11mg(1%)
- Expiry date: shown on top of product
- Ingredients and content: Tropical fruit concentrate 3.0%(16.8% fruit juice, sugar content over 11 Brix/Israel), Red Orange concentrate 2.4%(13.1% fruit juice, sugar content over 11 Brix/Italy), Purified water,
Crystalline fructose, Honey, Hovenia dulcis fruit extract powde-F, Cycldextrin syrup, Turmeric oleoresin(curcumin36%,Japan), Citric acid, Synthetic aroma(mango peach), Vitamin C, Compound Scutellaria Baicalensis
extract, Mixed formulation(CMC,pectin), Magnesium gluconate, Enzyme-treated stevia, Gellan gum, Vitamin B1 nitrate, Vitamin B6 hydrochloride, Black pepper extract
- Warnings: If you have any known allergies, please check the ingredients before drinking.
- The product may deteriorate after being opened, please drink it immediately.
- The drink tastes better when cold.
- The yellow color of the drink is from a natural source and may cause coloration if it comes in contact with clothing.
- Shake well before drinking.
- This product is produced in a facility which handles Turbulence (poultry), milk, peanuts, soybean, wheat, mackerel, crabs, shrimp, pork, beef, tomatoes, chicken, shellfish, nuts, beef, squid, (including oysters,
abalone, mussel).
- Excessive drinking may harm your health.
- Filled with nitrogen Storage: Store at a cool place away from direct sunlight, heat or humidity. Keep out of reach of children
- Inner packaging material: Container-aluminum, Label-PET, Cap-aluminum(inner-polyethylene)
- Package included: 1 x bottle(100ml)

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